The Enclave

This video was a particular challenge.
The client was in the process of building a complex of brand new, luxury, off-campus dorms for Youngstown State University. So, of course, they wanted a vanity video showing off the amenities of the new complex to host online by winter so that they could lease all the rooms before it was completed in the summer. Okay, makes sense on their end. The problem was that I had to create an enticing vanity video showing off a building which didn’t yet exist. In Youngstown. In late November.

So I had to get creative in how I shot specific, controlled, impressionistic hints of other off-campus facilities in another city, and blend them with footage of the nearby university and downtown.

As simple as this turned out, I’m particularly proud of this piece because of just how hard the deck was stacked against me in this one.

© 2016 Kyle Harlan